Scuba and Beach Rentals

We have the top dive equipment and beach rentals on the Big Island of Hawaii


Beach Rentals

(Day/Week) Price
Mask/Fins/Snorkel (Day/Week) $10/$25
Prescription Mask/Fins/Snorkel (Day/Week) $15/$35
Full Face Snorkel Mask/Fins (Day/Week) $25/$45
Mask (Day/Week) $5/$15
Prescription Mask (Day/Week) $10/$25
Full Face Snorkel Mask (Day/Week) $15/$35
Snorkel (Day/Week) $5/$15
Fins (Day/Week) $5/$15
Underwater Camera (Day/Week) $35/$120
Body Board (Day/Week) $10/$25
Water Flotation Aids (Day/Week) $10/$20
Snorkel Vest (Day/Week) $10/$20


Scuba Gear Rental

(Day/Week) Price
Regulator (Day/Week) $20/$75
Dive Computer (Day/Week) $15/$35
BCD (Day/Week) $20/$75
Weights per BCD set (Day/Week) $10/$45
Wetsuit (Day/Week) $10/$25
Tank (Certification Card Required) (Day) $6
Scuba Rental Package
~BCD/Regulator/Weights/M/F/S/Wetsuit/1 Tank
(Day/Week) $45/$175
Scuba Rental Package
~BCD/Regulator/Dive Computer/Weights/M/F/S/Wetsuit/1 Tank
(Day/Week) $60/$190
Dive Light (Day/Week) $10/$25


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